The first few weeks after having a baby are so important and so precious. They are newborn and tiny for such a short length of time, and yet those first weeks are often filled with worry and fear about getting things wrong. Choosing an independent midwife to care for you during these early weeks can help to ensure that you recover well from the birth of your baby, both physically and emotionally, and that you adapt to life as a new family easily.

So often during the immediate postnatal period, the new mother’s needs aren’t recognised or met, as the focus tends to be on the beautiful new baby you have welcomed. As your midwife I will ensure that you are well cared and feel well supported for during this time. The first weeks of new parenthood can be challenging for so many reasons, but with a supportive caregiver visiting regularly, and just a phone call away, it is my hope that you will be able to enjoy these early days and look back on them as a happy time as you get to know your baby.


If you feel you need support in the early days of motherhood, to provide you, the mother, with care as well as your baby, book a consultation and we can talk through your needs.

Premium postnatal care package

My premium postnatal care package means that you will receive care until your baby is 6 weeks old. You will receive a total of 12 visits that can be conveniently arranged and spaced over the 6 weeks to suit you and your needs. I will monitor your recovery from the birth of your baby, the wellbeing and growth of your baby, and address any concerns or problems that you encounter. Full telephone/ email support is included too. The price for this package is £1500.

three-week antenatal care package

If you would like the same level of support, but just for the first 3 weeks, then my 8 visit package would be a great fit. As with the premium package, visits can be spaced and arranged to suit you, and include all postnatal care. The cost for this is £1000.

Included in both of the above packages is the newborn bloodspot screening test offered to all babies in the UK to screen for rare genetic conditions.

one-off postnatal visits

One-off visits are also offered to those who feel in need of some additional support and care in the immediate postnatal period. It might be for feeding support (see the Breastfeeding page for more details on this service), for reassurance and advice about how to care for your newborn, or if you have any concerns about your health or your baby’s wellbeing. The cost for a single visit is £150.

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