Breastfeeding is something that a majority of women hope to be able to achieve with their baby, but the reality is often different to how they imagined. Sadly we do not live in a society where we regularly see women breastfeed, and because of this we find it difficult to act on instinct, we have to learn how to do it. Add to this the worry about milk supply, feeding in public, comments from family and friends, and it can definitely seem like a very daunting task.

Whilst there are options locally for free support in the community (including with myself at Cake Club, held at the Do it Like a Mother HQ every Thursday 12.15pm till 3pm), from peer supporters to helplines and funded initiatives, nothing can beat one-to-one support and advice in your own home from a qualified professional. You and baby will be at your most relaxed, and we can work on getting breastfeeding established or problems solved. As a former NICU nurse and doula, and now as a midwife, I have helped hundreds of women on their breastfeeding journey and quite honestly it is one of the favourite parts of my job!

Early support and intervention to get things like position and attachment right from the very start, to pick up any issues such as tongue tie and remedy them as soon as possible, is so very important. While most problems can be solved, it is easier to prevent them from occurring in the first place!


If you would like to discuss how I can offer 1-2-1 private breastfeeding support in Essex, please contact me. I will be happy to book a visit and provide advice to get you going on your breastfeeding journey.

One-off breastfeeding support

For a one-off consultation, ideal for troubleshooting a particular issue, the cost is £120. This also includes follow up phone or email contact.

breastfeeding package

If you are preparing to breastfeed your new baby and would like to ensure you have great support from the outset, or you would like continuing support after a consultation, you can book a package of visits. The visits can be spread out to suit you; for someone in the first days of establishing breastfeeding I would certainly advise daily visits for a time, I have even done two visits in one day for a family struggling to get things started! The cost for five visits is £500, which is less money than you would spend on artificial milk formula in a year!

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