Continuity of care within midwifery is thought of as the ‘gold standard’ of care.  Being cared for by the same one or two midwives is very different to meeting and being cared for by a different midwife at every appointment, which can often be the case with NHS care at the moment.  Continuity of care allows you to get to know your midwife, become comfortable with them, build a relationship with them that grows as the pregnancy progresses, and allows a bond of trust to develop between midwife and woman. 

Research tells us that women experiencing midwife-led continuity of care are:

  • 16% less likely to lose their baby
  • 19% less likely to lose their baby before 24 weeks
  • 24% less likely to experience pre-term birth

They are also less likely to experience intervention such as epidural, episiotomy or instrumental birth (Sandall et al 2016).

Following the publication of the ‘Better Births’ document, that highlights the importance of midwife-led continuity of care, the NHS is attempting to provide this service to women across the country. However with staffing levels at an all-time low, and with increasing demands on the service due to the rising birth-rate and increasingly complex pregnancies, it is hard to see how this will be achievable.

As an experienced midwife, I am able to provide you with great quality antenatal care in Essex throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Appointments take place in your own home, and can be scheduled to suit you, including evenings and weekends. Our appointments have no real time limit, but usually last about an hour, leaving lots of time for discussion and any questions you may have.  Included in each appointment are the medical checks on you and baby to ensure all is well, discussion around any results or symptoms experienced, and what to expect during the next period of time, as well as planning for any further tests or appointments required.


To talk through your antenatal care needs, please contact me and we can organise a time that suits you to talk through what you require during your pregnancy and thereafter.

Premium antenatal care package

The Premium antenatal care package care begins around 8 weeks gestation. Appointments are every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, then 2 weekly until 36 weeks. Appointments are then weekly until baby is born, meaning you receive approximately 15 visits (depending on the length of your pregnancy). This compares to 9 visits for a first-time mother and 7 for a subsequent pregnancy with NHS care. Additional appointments can be added in order to personalise your experience.  This price includes unlimited telephone support.

Included in this package is hypnobirthing with the amazing women at Do it Like a Mother. You can choose between a group course at the DILAM HQ, or a private course in the comfort of your own home. Keri and Steph are true experts in hypnobirthing and birth preparation, and will educate you and empower you to make choices you are happy with during labour, and provide you with the tools you need to give birth, however it unfolds.

The price for this package is £2,000 if care starts during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. If you are considering independent midwifery care after this gestation please contact me for a personalised quote.

Top-up antenatal care

If you are looking for a way to experience the continuity of care and support available to you when you hire an independent midwife, but the Premium package is not for you, then I offer ‘Top-up’ packages to suit your needs. You can choose to have either 3 or 5 visits with me, which run alongside and ‘top-up’ your NHS care, at whatever gestation suits you. This option is perfect for those who need additional support during their pregnancy, maybe to help alleviate anxiety or provide care around a specific issue without incurring the cost of the Premium package.

Top-up of three visits costs £500
Top-up of five visits costs £750

One-off reassurance checks and Care planning sessions

It might be that all your NHS midwife appointments are during the working day and your partner or family aren’t able to be there to hear the wonderful sound of the baby’s heart beating, or to discuss issues that matter to them. It might be that they have concerns or questions of their own to ask, or just that they don’t want to miss out!

Maybe you’ve had an unexpected diagnosis of something that may change your plans for birth, such as GBS or gestational diabetes, and want to discuss your options with an impartial healthcare practitioner. Maybe you’re confused by advice given by your midwife or consultant and want some clarification and forward planning. Maybe you have been told that you are ‘not allowed’ to make a certain choice and want to find out more.

These one-off visits usually last a bit longer, and cost £150

As an added bonus, anyone who receives antenatal care from me is eligible for a 15% discount off the cost of a course of hypnobirthing, either group or private, with Keri or Steph from DILAM.

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