private midwife in essex

I am passionate about giving woman-centred care, and feel strongly about the importance of truly informed choice. Choosing an independent midwife allows you take control of your own care and empowers you to make the right choices for you during your pregnancy, birth and once baby is here.

I believe that women deserve better. They deserve to be cared for by the same people throughout their experience. They deserve to be knowledgeable about their pregnancy and well informed about birth. They deserve to be treated well during labour. They deserve to be cared for and supported once baby is here, and they deserve to be able to feed their baby how they desire and feel well supported in that choice.

Maybe you are receiving inconsistent care, or feel unsupported by your current caregiver. Maybe you want to discuss your options with a midwife who isn’t biased by hospital policy. Maybe you want care in your own home, on your own schedule, built around your own needs. A private midwife can offer you all of this.


As an experienced midwife, I am able to provide you with great quality antenatal care in Essex throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Appointments take place in your own home, and can be scheduled to suit you, including evenings and weekends.


Although at present, I do not offer birth care due to breastfeeding my own young son and working for the NHS part time, I am able to recommend a great fit for you, whether you're looking for a doula or a private midwife in the Essex area.


Often during the immediate postnatal period, the new mother’s needs aren’t recognised or met, as the focus tends to be on the new baby. As your midwife I will ensure that you are well cared and feel well supported for during this time.


Breastfeeding support and intervention to get position and attachment right from the very start is very important when starting your motherhood journey. I can help pick up any issues such as tongue tie and remedy them as soon as possible.


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